Lemon Tree Restaurant Menu

    • Combos

    • Chicken Kebab Combo

      Chicken Kebab Combo


      Gluten-friendly. A tenderized chicken breast skewer with special sauce....

    • Fatih Kofte Combo

      Fatih Kofte Combo


      Gluten-friendly. Lamb, green peppers, onions, garlic, parsley, and spices...

    • Hatay Eksime Combo

      Hatay Eksime Combo


      Grilled eggplant, onions, peppers, tomatoes, parsley, and pomegranate vinaigrette...

    • Lamb Chop Combo

      Lamb Chop Combo


      Gluten-friendly. Specially marinated lamb chops. Served with Choban Salad.

    • Lamb Kebab Combo

      Lamb Kebab Combo


      Gluten-friendly. Large, tender, diced lamb on skewers with special sauce...

    • Lamb Shank Combo

      Lamb Shank Combo


      4-hours slowly tenderized with onion, lemon and potatoes, served on rice...

    • Lamb Stew Combo

      Lamb Stew Combo


      Gluten-friendly. Lamb, mixed vegetables, and spices. Served with Choban...

    • Lamb Tandir Combo

      Lamb Tandir Combo


      Gluten-friendly. A special recipe of ten-hour slow-cooked lamb.

    • Lentil Soup Combo

      Lentil Soup Combo


      Red lentil with vegetables and a salad of your choose the side.

    • Meze Combo

      Meze Combo


      Your choice of three different meze. Served with Choban Salad.

    • Mixed Kebab Combo

      Mixed Kebab Combo


      Gluten-friendly. A mixture of chicken, lamb, Burma, and Fatih kebab. Served...

    • Musakka Combo

      Musakka Combo


      Ground beef, eggplant, and bechamel sauce. Served with Choban Salad.

    • Salmon Combo

      Salmon Combo


      Gluten-friendly. Grilled salmon with a special pomegranate sauce.

    • Vegetarian Combo

      Vegetarian Combo


      Your choice of four different meze. Served with Choban Salad.

    • Yogurt Kofte Combo

      Yogurt Kofte Combo


      Lamb kofte over pita bread, served with yogurt and tomato sauce. Served...

    • Starters-Meze


    • Baba Ganoush

      Baba Ganoush


      Gluten-friendly and vegan. Eggplant, garlic, olive oil, and spices.

    • Borek



      Vegetarian . Spinach and feta cheese wrapped in filo and baked.

    • Cacik



      Gluten-friendly and vegetarian. Plain yogurt, diced cucumbers, mint, and...

    • Dolma



      luten-friendly and vegan. Rice and diced onions wrapped in grape leaves...

    • Hummus



      Gluten-friendly and vegan. Mashed chickpeas, lemon juice, olive oil, and..

    • Imam Bayildi

      Imam Bayildi


      Gluten-friendly and vegan. Fried eggplant cooked with diced tomatoes and...

    • Kisir



      Vegan. Bulgur, finely diced onions, pepper paste, tomato paste, and pa...

    • Lentil Kofte

      Lentil Kofte


      Vegan. Red lentils, bulgur, and spices, served with greens.

    • Lentil Soup

      Lentil Soup


      Vegan. Red lentil with vegetables

    • Muammara



      Gluten-friendly and vegan. Hot pepper paste, walnuts, and spices.

    • Muchver



      Vegetarian. Zucchini fritters with eggs and spices.

    • Piyaz



      Gluten-friendly and vegan. White kidney beans, onions, parsley, and olive...

    • Roasted Red Peppers

      Roasted Red Peppers


      Gluten-friendly and vegan. Roasted red peppers, garlic, and spices.